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2000 — 2020

Dries Van Noten
Fall Winter 2020-21

press release

Dries Van Noten
The collection for Men Autumn / Winter 2020/21

Paris, January 16th 2020

The street is His stage,
Blithe to rules, He takes pride and joy in dressing.
All style – no conscious styling. Visceral, louche, feral, fly.
A rogue with no received boundaries. “Flips the bird” to convention.
Natural sexual power. Enjoys that his decadence dazzles, confronts and brings hither.
The raunch of the early 80s underground Punk rock scene – New York Dolls. Stooges, Ramones, Male Magpie.
An evolution of our Summer collection.
Urs Lüthi, Karlheinz Weinberger

No rules .. from puffed-up to lithe. Accentuated waists emphasise shoulders. Variations on the trench coat. Punk Perfecto, Ruching and pleating of garments held in place by diamante clasps and brooches. Layering.

Vivid with Dark, Rustic with urbane, Brown, Ochre, Green. Red, Metallic, Khaki. Pastels – from muted to acid. Lilac, peach, orange

A dark abstraction of perceived Hawaiian floral themes. Animal prints and pictorial prints of Tigers.

Velvet, languid, From dry to luxuriant, Leather, Vinyl, Faux Fox, rustic T\tweeds and worsteds, silk, satin, chiffon, raw denim. Heathered and tweedy knits of varying gauges.

Bright white diamante studding on many garments. Platform boots in tones of leather & gold, High boxing boots, Silk squares knotted as kneckerchiefs. Man-bags, bling brooches and rope belts, ornate belts worn as pendants, Faux fox stoles, faux fur belts,

– “Prolix” by Girl Band
– “Tough Guy” by Suicide
– “Rocket USA” by Suicide