MUSC RAVAGEUR by Maurice Roucel

Maurice Roucel is self-taught. He started as a chemist at Chanel in 1973. There he became passionate about perfume, commencing his apprenticeship under the benevolent eye of Henri Robert. 

At that time he began deconstructing and studying each formula and each raw material with that eye – half-chemist, half-aesthetician – that still gives him his unusual force.

Today Maurice Roucel’s approach has resulted in a very eclectic style illustrated by numerous creations.

He describes himself as „an explorer walking among formulas“; he loves to begin with a structure whose character he then modifies by adding or removing raw materials without fear or prejudice. So ideas come to him and he catches them.

In search of absolute, this distinguished perfumer continually purifies his formula and keeps only what’s essential.

This mix of permanent quest for the new, his unprejudiced vision and his stubborn investigation of perfection is what impressed his editor in this very bold writing.

Creating the ultimate sensual perfume is a dangerous idea in perfumery, as much as it has been tried. Maurice Roucel has taken on this risk in the spirit of the liberty which characterizes him, creating this harmony of sweet Amber and Musk.

Lavender, Bergamot
Clove, Cinnamon
Gaiac wood, Cedar, Sandalwood, Vanilla, Coumarine
Tonka bean, Tonkitone