we're celebrating our 20 years anniversary.

2000 — 2020


PB 0110
Accessoires by Christian Metzner

Es war einmal ein altes Schloss und Kunibert, so hieß der Boss. Er hatte Mägde, hatte Knechte, und eine Frau, das war das schlechte.

PB 0110 – OUR ACCESSORY COLLECTION by Christian Metzner

Christian Metzner has designed our accessory collection over the 
past seven years. I am very thankful it has become such an unique 
family with different characters and functions.

For example  CM 45  a new square zipped purse.
With one coin compartment, four single slashes for cards and two 

Pockets which are very easy to excess for bills and receipts. 

Or CM 50 the small minimal card case with two main pockets for at least eight cards