we're celebrating our 20 years anniversary.

2000 — 2020


PB 0110
Introducing NEW HAW- LIN SERVICES X PB 0110

In these times Phillip believes that our personal and beloved things take on a new meaning.
Coincidentally, he had an interesting and inspiring conversation with the creative duo
Haw-lin Services about a very similar topic early last year.

Philipp is pleased to present the results. HAW 7-11.

Jacob Klein and Nathan Cowen, with whom Philipp has been working since the start of
PB 0110 in 2012, have designed a range of models that can be worn very close to the body. Some parts on each model is reflective. The different typologies of designs also reflect the shapes of things that have become more important in the new century.

Many thanks to Haw-lin Services for this perspective. 

Philipp Bree