by Julien Rasquinet

Signed by Julien Rasquinet, one of the rising stars of perfumery, The Moon is the fourth Middle Eastern-inspired fragrance published by Editions de Parfums Frédéric Malle.

It joins The Night and Promise by Dominique Ropion and Dawn by Carlos Benaïm in the Desert Gems collection. The Moon explores a different facet of Middle Eastern perfumery than its predecessors and cultivates a softer, more colorful approach to its generous opulence.

Each fragrance in the collection celebrates a central element of Middle Eastern culture. For example, The Moon speaks of the Orient’s fascination with the moon, and the fact that the moon marks the rhythm of life in the region, where its bright halo marks the beginning and end of every festivity. The Arabic language also summons the moon to speak of love. „There is no sweeter, more sublime term for declaring its flame, speaking of the beauty of the beloved and confessing its eternal devotion to him. Because it touches the language of love with its fingertips, The Moon expresses both gentleness and voluptuousness. Sumptuous, warm and refined, this accord of rose, oud and incense is surprised by a profusion of blackberry and redcurrant. And, by the magic of these red berries, its soft and colorful scents, it evokes the fruity volutes of hookahs and the sweetness of oriental nights.

Julien grew up under the aegis of Pierre Bourdon, author of two references for Editions de Parfums Frédéric Malle: the very classic Iris Poudre, and the magnetic French Lover. Alongside this undisputed master of modern perfumery, he acquired the technique and precision that make the great perfumers. Then he moved to Dubai in order to understand, alongside local perfumers, the language of the scents of the Middle East. Thus, in the course of his research, Julien developed a new writing style, which combines modern western technique with the passionate intuition of Gulf perfumery. Now recognized as a specialist in the region, Julien works between Paris and Dubai for the prestigious IFF laboratory.

Frédéric Malle was immediately won over by Julien Rasquinet’s singular background and talent. Their collaboration illustrates one of the House’s vocations: to share Frédéric’s thirty years of experience with those who have grown up admiring the high standards and know-how he has re-established in perfumery, in order to participate in the blossoming of the next generation of master perfumers.